Why NAFNP?  

This is an age where representation matters.

Family Nurse Practitioners perform crucial roles across healthcare.  As highly-trained providers, you deliver significant value to the healthcare system overall and to your practice in particular.  Yet, for all of your abilities and contributions, you are not represented in policy decisions made about your profession.  Major decisions are being made about the practice and training of FNPs without FNP representation.  Make no mistake, all of the other NP specializations are represented, so why not FNPs?

How much time do you have in your day to take on the major challenges of the FNP profession? If you are like most FNPs, you don't get time to conduct scholarship, attend a professional conference or even to eat lunch, so there's just not time for taking on 'the system.' 

What would happen if there was an organization that worked to coordinate the individual contributions of many FNPs, each contributing according to their abilities and time?  With all of the experience, insight and passion each FNP brings to their role, this group would offer massive capabilities to drive change.  That's why we're here.

Together, we can address some of the greatest challenges facing facing Family Nurse Practitioners, our healthcare system and as well as issues in our respective practices.  You are not the only one facing a challenge.  How can you collaborate with others who are fighting the same battle?  You need an organization that focuses on FNP challenges, connects you to allies and supports your efforts to drive change.  NAFNP will connect with allies across the healthcare system to support and learn from each other.

FNPs are highly trained researchers yet few have the opportunity to publish and share their work to enhance understanding of specific practice issues.  Each FNP has completed a peer-reviewed capstone project as part of their training.  Where does all of this scholarship go? Who can learn from it? FNP scholarship enhances understanding of complex issues and needs a boost.  NAFNP intends to advance practice-based scholarship by creating opportunities for publication in respected journals, and support FNPs in the process of getting published.

You practice in a constantly evolving world, where clinical knowledge, technology, laws, and the business of healthcare are constantly shifting.  NAFNP intends to help you gain your footing and give you leverage to understand the changing landscape around you.  To do so, we'll offer continuing education to enhance your clinical knowledge as well as training to help you grow into new practice areas.  We also plan to offer training on 'soft' skills like public speaking and career planning designed to help you achieve your career goals.

You have big dreams and so does NAFNP.  Nothing worthwhile is easy, but with your support and commitment, together we can shape the healthcare landscape, and your practice, to better serve you, your patients, and our country.  Are you add your voice? Click the 'Join Now' button below and start your NAFNP journey today!

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“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world. ”

― Archimedes